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Are you happy with your website? Is it using all the latest technologies that the search engines like us to use?

You may have answered No or how am I supposed to know!

If you said “how am I supposed to know” then it’s more than likely it’s not.

This is where we can help turn your old out-dated website in to something of beauty and performance. It will also have features that the search engines look for like being mobile and tablet ready and optimised for fast loading.

We can provide your site with an SSL certificate. This encrypts the data between your device and your website, making it a more secure connection for users.

Not only do we use all of the latest technology on our websites, but we also make sure that all of our servers and our own technologies are all running the latest updates.

We pride ourselves on one of the few companies that don’t use WordPress and use the latest Bootstrap technology.

As you may or may not know WordPress was originally designed for blogging hence why there are so many plug ins for it to perform as a website, slowing the site down and making it feel very clunky.

Boot Strap is dedicated to website design and is as flexible as you want it to be, any design can be created without the need of clunky plugins and huge amounts of code to load before the important stuff can be loaded.

On average one of our Bootstrap website will load in 0.5-1.0 seconds where a website of the equivalent size on WordPress can take 5+ seconds and everyone knows speed is of the essence when it comes to someone wanting to find something on the internet.

Stats say that the average time someone is willing to wait is 3 seconds before they go somewhere else.

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