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Ask yourself 2 simple questions! Are you happy with your website? Does is perform for you?

If the answer to either of those questions is no, then we can help to turn those answers in to a massive YES!

We are not going to bore you with technical jargon that will confuse you. We will provide you with some factual figures that will show you the difference having a good website can make. (unfortunately, I’m unable to give out any name but will be happy disclose more information on a personal level)

A customer of our based in the Black Country had a website running for years on WordPress before they discovered Black Country Online.

However, they were not 100% happy with the website they were running as it didn’t seem to attract many people to the business. We had a long and meaningful chat with the customer and built their website around their needs and requirement.

Before moving from WordPress over to our systems they were averaging around 2 to 3 new enquiries per week. When we launched the first build of their website their enquiries rose dramatically from 2 to 3 per week to 5 to 10 per day. Since then they have asked us to rebuild their website a further 3 times and now I am very proud to say that they have been able to upscale their business and ended up moving to bigger premises to accommodate the extra work the website brought in.

Today they have been so successful that they have been able to open new shops in new areas.

This story makes us very proud to have helped them in their success.

If you would like us to help you do the same please give us a shout, we want you to be our next success story.

This was their Analytics before joining Black Country Online

This is their Analytics for this month with Black Country Online

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