Terms of Sale

1. Acceptance

The Contract shall consist of your order and our acceptance thereof and shall be in accordance with
our quotation.

These terms shall not be varied; nor shall any other terms and/or conditions apply to the contract
unless agreed to in writing by us.

Our quotation is provided on the basis that we can provide you with your Website/Services.

If you have any doubts, please contact us. Our offer is made, subject to Freecom Internet Services
Ltd approving feasibility.

2. Build times

Build times quoted are from final approval from you (customer) and settlement of all details
enabling your website build to proceed.

We shall not be liable for any delays due to lack of information, content and images or matters
beyond our control.

Any services/features offered free are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any point.
We will not write content for your website; this is the sole responsibility of the website owner /

We will not source your images for you unless instructed to before you are quoted for your new

3. Guarantee

The company guarantees that it will rectify any technical issues arising out of server failure or
technical faults.

From the date of your website/services going live. We exclude repairs, replacements or
adjustments or other work necessitated as a result of wilful or accidental damage, misuse, neglect or
any other cause beyond our control.

4. Retention of Title

All Website designs and images created will remain the intellectual property of Freecom Internet
Services Ltd until the contract value has been paid to us in full.

5. Exclusion of Liabilities

Under no circumstances shall Freecom Internet Services Ltd be held liable if you do not maintain
your website and plugins.

6. Restriction of Subsequent Servicing

The Company will be responsible for regular maintenance of your website after the guarantee
period only if you have first signed a Maintenance Agreement.

We reserve the right to withdraw service in the event of non-payment of outstanding invoices.

7. Value Added Tax

The prices quoted are subject to increase by the amount of any Government tax including Value
Added Tax where chargeable.

8. General

Should additional unforeseen works be discovered at the final build or upon going live, we reserve the
right to pass any additional costs on to the customer.

Nothing in the agreement will detract from your statutory rights.

9. Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation of your order prior to the website “going live”, for the time taken that is
costs incurred.

We reserve the right to recover our full costs from the client, their agent. The amount will depend
on the stage at which the production of the website has reached. There is a minimum charge of 50%
to cover administration and set up of service costs incurred by ourselves and our associated

Should cancellation be made once your website/services “go live” the full order value will be made.