Domain Names

As your fully aware a business isn’t a fully-fledged business without its own domain name.

We’re aware that there are certain companies out there that will register you a domain name for £1 for the first year. But what they don’t tell you is the ridiculous price they charge you for year 2 or thereon after.

We’ll let you in to a little secret but shhh don’t tell anyone! We can do them for £7 per year with NO year 2 price hike, making a domain name from us a lot more cost effective in the long run.

For example, the company in question will charge you £1 for your first year, then on your second year they charge you £19.99 so in essence you’re paying £20.99 +Vat for 2 years, with Black Country Online you’re paying £14 +Vat for 2 years.

Easy to see that we truly are the best in every way 

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